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Dec 1, 2012 4:00pm PST
raiders look to stop the bleeding against the browns. with a short week coming up, they play on thursday night -- tomorrow's game is more important. quarterback pryor is expected to suit up for the first time tomorrow. not sure if hi -- he will see action. carson palmer having pain is in throwing hand but is expecting to a start. >> he needs to feel what it's like to suit up on game day. >> definitely a step with this organization, and just warm out with those guys and see how he handles a real game situation. a good time. >> mike: you have your other futbol. that's coming up. >> ama: take a look in part of california the rainy weather has created a flood of yes you did. no i didn't, no i didn't. yes you did, yes you did. no i didn't, no i didn't. yes you did. did not. [ male announcer ] find some peace this holiday. get an 8 piece meal now with a dozen delicious cook-store. the kfc festive feast. all for just $19.99. today tastes so good. >> time for the third storm to strike, and already saturated bay area braces for yet another soaker. look at live doppler 7hd radar. leigh gl
Dec 17, 2012 12:00pm EST
. >> plus, we will let more on the big redskin win against the browns. >> jacqui jeras will be back with a look at the full forecast. >> as it should be the case, we help out those in need. >> we are able to help save way help the capital area food bank. meteorologist adam caskey joins us live from the safeway store on north harrison streets in arlington. >> we are here at the north harrison safely in arlington. and this is my home neighborhood safeway so i feel at home. we joined up with safeway and the capital area food bank to join the help us end hundred food drive. it is part of our great grocery giveaway. for every 10 shares on facebook we were able to donate a bag worth $10 of food to the capital area food bank. here is proof that we are following through on our commitment where we have 50 bags full of food. we can take apart one of the bags in the second but i have marked mccaffrey of the capital food bank, >> there is 50 backs from channel 7 and that will make a difference. this time of year especially, there are a lot of neighbors really struggling out there to put food on
Dec 9, 2012 11:00pm EST
manslaughter after a drunk driving crash that claimed the life of his teammate, jerry brown. he says he is just trying to deal with the death of his best friend. the head coach also spoke about brown. >> if you watched jerry brown practice, you know that he loves football. he practiced so hard. he was here for one day -- we said that is going to be the team player of the week. he gave the players everything he could handle. he loved the game. he loved being part of our team. he showed it everyday. >> the cowboys won and emotional fourth quarter victory tonight. brent was released about an hour after the cowboys beat the cincinnati bengals in that emotional day. >> the duchess of cambridgend of morning sickness. the prince canceled an event to be by his wife's side. she was released earlier from the hospital after suffering from dehydration and notch up. despite her -- she keeps springs -- spirits up. >> people watched william and cake walk down the aisle. today the eyes were on washington state, where same-sex couples made history. the first day they can legally marry since the state's gay marr
Dec 6, 2012 6:00pm EST
get into the playoffs. us, every game is like a rivalry. browns, the bengals. i felt like philadelphia was a we played them. certainly washington is a this week. >> kyle shanahan has the offense talking about how the defense. it comes out to so many ways. rgiii creates space. defendety will have to it. e in houston so he appreciates his creativity. >> me knowing kyle shanahan, i was in houston with him, they are very capable. we cannot be too aggressive. you have to be patient. we have to do our job. think if we do that, we will be ok. >> i do not care if it is a rivalry or not, it is going to a heck of a game. both sides are still talking in the nhl. ahl hockey game if need a fix. the college bowl season is getting under way. state, they will play bowling green. both teams have young hotshot coaches that are big time getters and both guys by to talk about their visit to washington. >> a lot of them have never been game so they are pumped about the opportunity about playing on national television. >> we only start three seniors. of the youngest teams in the country
Dec 5, 2012 11:00pm EST
this to advertise to bakers everywhere. [ man ] browns summit, north carolina. crescent city, california we had a package go to kathmandu once. the web has been the reason this entire section of the warehoe exists today. we were becoming more than this lile flour company in vermont. [ woman ] we're all going after one common goal which is to spread the joy of baking throughout the whole world. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> 3 special war veterans and arrived at dulles today. they are all straight puppies taken in by soldiers deployed in afghanistan. >> his soldier found him at a checkpoint in security detail. he is going to seattle to live with the soldier's girlfriend. >> the third was found on base when he was just eight weeks old. he is not going to live with his soldier. >> ready for a chilly day? >> tomorrow, 45 degrees. after that, back into the 50's to 60's for the weekend. rain comes our way late sunday into monday. monday and into tuesday, could rain around us. >> thank you very much. captioned by the national captioning institute
Dec 31, 2012 5:00pm EST
in maryland. >> there will be some ceremonies taking place inside baltimore city hall. pamela brown spoke to one couple about the new day and new marriage on the horizon. >> the couple we spoke to is wasting no time tying the knot. they have been waiting for this day for years. jason and scott are busy today polishing champagne glasses. preparation for an unforgettable and new year's celebration tomorrow. >> that will be the final part of our celebration. >> at noon, family and friends will gather inside the couple's prince george's county home. >> we have been together for 13 years. >> after meeting at american university, the couple held a commencement ceremony in 2004. -- commitment ceremony in 2004. >> back then, it seemed like a dream. it seemed like a new concept. >> on election night they were overcome with emotion. >> there were a lot of tears. happy tears. it really felt invalidating. >> so eager to have their relationship recognized and that there were first in line at the county court house to pick up their marriage license. >> you are the first ones for prince george's c
Dec 8, 2012 5:00pm PST
intoxication manslaughter after the sickle car accident at 2:30 a.m. in dallas. jerry brown, a linebacker who joined the practice squad this week, was pronounced dead at a local hospital. brent was born here in california, grew up in illinois. police say alcohol was a factor and brent lost control of his mercedes at a high rate of speed. >> the vehicle touched or impacted the outside curb of the service road, causing the vehicle to flip at least one time. the vehicle ultimately came to rest on its top, once it slid back into the roadway. >> brent faced two to 20 years if convicted of felony intoxication manslaughter. >>> several shopping districts in the oakland area are seeing expanded police and security patrols, this after an increase in burglaries and other crimes. tomas roman is live in the east bay. >> we're here in berkeley at the shopping district, and crime isn't a big problem here. but just over the boredder in oakland, robberies, burglaries and homicides are on the rise and oakland police are asking for help from nearby agencies. >> montclair village is a shopping district that is
Dec 9, 2012 6:30pm EST
in the jerry brown jr., seen here. heide statement, he with this horrific rest ofic loss for the his life. 24-year-old remains behind bars. a singer is hoping for the best tonight -- there is concern she may be dead. missing early morning. took off from monterrey the pilot lost contact with air traffic controllers. is underway. a local official says the plane has been found miles away but unclear if it's the one she riding in. >> the duchess of cambridge is tonight, facing another out of the keep morning sickness. prince william canceled an event be by his wife's side. the crowd last night that the illness should be day and night sickness. she was released from hospital early this week. >> a very special honor for a who survive germany's concentrating camps. white lighting the menorah is just the beginning of the celebration. put the scarves a 99-year-old holocaust menorah int a ohio. s, says it's a miracle he survived the holocaust to make it this far. will celebrate turning 100 . ter this week the national menorah was lit time ago. t was the first of hanukkah will be the second nig
Dec 17, 2012 5:00pm EST
by browns fans, even all the way up into the stadium. had a 13-year-old cousin hit in the face prior to the game. >> they started attacking our family. >> the redskins linebacker says his mother was hospitalized with neck injuries. she did not suffer a heart attack, which was the first report. they say that the redskins -- that the security escalated the situation rather than diffusing a. >> wow. and the weather, it is very drury. >> very jury. it will be in the upper 50's, sunshine breezy. hang in there. let's look at the weatherbug reports. our average high is 47. these values are a little above average. 51 in the district right now. a light easterly wind. 48 degrees. rainfall does a little bit more than a trace 0.02 inches. even though we have not mentioned showers, they are more of an incident then our rule. except for northeast of the city, that has been hanging tough all day -- we have fog. we have a flood advisory until tomorrow morning. if things -- fog advisory until tomorrow morning. if things do not change, i would not be a bit surprised to see this advisory expanded to th
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9